Jo Elle

Elle's music is diverse, with lots of character and always full of surprises. Sometimes the melodies spring up from Reggae-Riddims and other times we dive deep into the emotional world of the singer. In a instant, she can become the energetic live performer who's able to let the stage burn. In the next, she can gently embrace you with her chords - fragile, feminine, loving.

In August 2015, Jo Elle released her debut album "Comfort Zone", which entered directly at number #55 in the official Swiss Hit Parade.

Earlier this year she released 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya', an energetic remake of the ODB classic, in collaboration with top Swiss producer & King of the Keys Mikey Board (Dodo, Phenomden, Steff la Cheffe, and more). 

Other collaborations followed such as with Collie Herb ("I Weiss") this summer 2016. 


Band members:

Jo Elle - compositions, vocals

Hans Holliger - drums

Jörg Bader - keys

Michael Bommersheim - guitar

Doris Kessler - alt saxophone

Ralf Schick - e-bass

Shanti - percussion

Vale Makiol - trombone

Lea Nussbaumer - backing vocals